I found a lover I shouldn’t have

when i was ten years old, i had this dream,
and i was locked in a white van going a hundred
miles per hour and there were three men with
guns and it was all a big shootout, the second
time, my mother is beside me and she fights
for her child, i am disconnected, i don’t feel it,
i see it, the wolf protecting her cana, that
innate nature, the primalness, and we survive,
then i’m washed up, i’m older somewhere else,
i’m hungover from losing my mind the night
before but life went on without me, and time is
lost, it’s a dream but i’ve lost time here also,
i’m sure of it. i’m sure of few things, i’m sure of
the storm in my heart with unsuspected lightning,
i’m sure no one ever thought it would be this violent
but inside i’m a living nightmare as i live one.

i’m a living nightmare as i live one.
but darling, listen, it’s all one,
take my shaking hand and listen,
i’ve lived too young
to know i’d die with a downfall,
demons are all i ever seem to recall,
if i give in, it was just meant to be,
yes, i know, the first time i tried too early,
should’ve looked away from
the pressure that was on me,
it could be something wild and free,
if i only let it be. only i.

did you think no one was listening?
i hear you, you want to make love to glory,
take all the risks you can and die too early,
it’s a dream i’ve had, it’s a demon i said ‘hello’ to,
we’re on the same side, so of course we’ll hide,
it’s only fair to, only natural, i won’t let it slide,
but i’ll keep on making love to death’s superman,
you’re a wild card that keeps on talking,
but hear me out, i’m a fire that’s always burning,
i light up with your touch, it’s true, but
honey, you’re always burning me too.


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