sex as a staircase

seek me here;
i have closed the maw of my throat
for hours now, goosebumps silence,
loneliness as a claw drawing blood
through the slow, endless minutes

sew me out, leave me;
i’m begging to be touched, nymphos,
i’m starving for it, something real,
i wandered to sad songs for hours,
and pay a price as i go, requirements.

he saw me, only once;
he breathed in a bonfire’s dusty smoke
and didn’t shy away, caught my eyes
and then let them back out in the wild,
where he sees a flame, and i see a scream.

why, why the wind always whispers;
the walk always burdens my heavy feet,
there is nothing truly free around me,
and i ache so sharply, stabbing phobia,
it pins me to the ground, and locks me up.

night, scatter my body with a love spell;
simple, or kinky or intimate, i’d give it,
i’d offer a pleasure road trip, please,
thirsty to drown in someone else’s power,
their hands and lips and darknesses,
i promise to consume everything.

be the big bad wolf, eat me up;
i’ll end up pretending i wasn’t a monster,
craving someone to melt my cheap solitude,
a temporary fix, a skinny demon lusting hard,
little red ducking a smile under the hood,
after all is said and done, drained of bliss.

he saw me, only once more;
and didn’t shy away, caught my hand
and dug his claws back in wildly, anchors,
and finally, fucking finally,
once was not enough.


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