A Funeral

so this is what the wake of me contains,
cheap vodka and lemon-lime gatorade,
songs of the indie broken-hearted lover,
a pining for something never there,
a fantasy of waking in your arms
too early and falling back asleep.

so this is what the world amounts to,
a battle of alcohol and a bummed cigarette,
a daydream of peace never gained,
another vision of all the horrible things
that can happen in the spawn of a day.

let’s mourn a moment in a booming silence,
turn off your heartbeat and listen to the raven sing,
glass shattering on snow frosted pavement,
remember how we moved to glide.

i can never forget, i’m immortally broken,
playing life on replay. i am hunting and finding
there’s nowhere to shoot that doesn’t kill.

and forget what i said about love,
my passion was raised in settlement,
i thought all it took was some comfort,
some soft hands making everything feel better,
some softer voice telling me i’m beautiful,
but now the world’s shifted, my heart
wants to die for someone, my mind
wants to lose itself in something crazy,
someone infuriating or breathtaking.

i live for a walk in the meadow garden,
side by side, with our smiles alive,
and i live knowing we’ll never make it,
i will live this lie, a hatred so reflected inside,
this is the wake of me, the fire of a dream,
these are the ashes left behind of me,
where i give all that is left burning of me,
where i remember how simply we moved,
how we drank until our dying breath
and god knows we always shot to kill.


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