i hate to give up on love and then meet a beautiful stranger.
the first time, he sat shivering next to me on the couch outside,
so i leaned back and tried to keep him warm with my shoulder,
i looked at his long fingers on the piano keys beside me and felt warmer,
he placed his hand on my back as i passed by so i felt warmest,
then four of us sat on the steps and he was cold again by my side,
so i stood up and kept him warm with my jacket, proudly, a return,
but now i wonder, i wonder, did i imagine being warm? was it the
rumble of the party in my stomach and coursing through my veins,
or the way you looked at my eyes when you played your heart out
on that guitar, the way you walk like you don’t see your own greatness,
but a practiced grace is hidden underneath, darling, i could look up to you,
i know your friend there looked too, but no one looks like you, like you did to me,
i could take care of you with a gentle kiss, you’ll only ever be warm,
you could take care of my heart with a gentle hand, i’ll be on fire finally.
don’t let the way i sensed your loneliness escape you, you answered,
i was never blind to the way your flaws have claws and crawl,
i only wonder if they walk, run, or hide,
i only want them to talk, i want you to talk,
i want you to teach me what you promised,
because i want to learn everything possible,
yes, because of the hug, a smile,
the way you sit beside me, i could trust.


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