lechery and its full moon

the moon is brazen,
raccoons scouring,
i have known you for hours,
and it’s a headlights moment,
will you let me go home lonely?
or will you fuck me until
i forget why i was ever sad?
that’s what you want right? the power
over me? if not, what do you want
from me? i expect you want to take off
my bra, my layers and put
your mouth on my neck,
hold a hip and hear a moan,
it’s a horror show,
it’s a whimper and sigh,
it’s whatever you wanted, baby,
you bite and it’s a contradiction
to false sweetness you promised,
i surrender it while i still can,
this loner wolf of a howling heart,
this backseat is as uncomfortable
as the cage my words remain in,
believe me, it’s easy like this,
the intimacy in animalism,
i remain unbroken, unexpecting.
love will most likely
be a train i crash into,
but today is not that day,
and this is not that man,
they’re the wrong hands,
the wrong taste and how did anyone
ever say it’s hard to tell
when someone’s hungry
for something more,
i think someone starving
can taste destructive lust
on a stranger’s greedy mouth


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