oh i yearn for something real

well, if you want the truth,
you’re going to have to cut me for it,
i’m already bare and open as possible,
kisses down my back paired with tremors,
i’m so sure you’re feeling something burning
in the background too, the bonfire i can
forget about, it’s only you and the warmth,
already bare and scarred skin and delicate bones,
but if you want the reality, i’m still holding back,
i want to move too fast, i want our lives to merge,
just like our bodies did, just like i forgot about time
and it’s been so long, i know nothing comes easy,
that’s what pain has had to teach me these years,
of waiting, longing, being hurt and burned worse,
but i’m willing to pour it out down the drain for better,
my life, my heart, i’m willing to work for it, to sweat
it out and laugh lighter, baby, i know we could make
it happen, we could see a sunset when it’s hot out,
i’ll take you to the edge of the water just to feel safe
and joke over a cigarette and close my eyes in peace,
it’s too easy to imagine, too easy to want it all with you,
i’m keeping quiet for the sake of still needing it with you,
i’m keeping quiet to not dare fate with any uncertainty,
i’m keeping quiet because i don’t think you want this truth
just yet, not now when it’s still fresh and the fire’s
still a little wild, reckless and i might step too close.

if you want the truth, i just want you.
and i want you to want me back, ask me for it,
and i want the stupid details no one else could know about,
i want to hear what you think no one wants to,
i want to be lost in it and lose time again to pleasure,
never want to leave your side, want to show you
and no one else what my love can be about,
i want you to let me ramble and be yours,
but if you want the truth, i worry it’ll cut both of us,
so scary if you don’t want it like i do, if it’s just
the good time, the highlight of the week, so soon,
if i want you, i say i have everything to give and lose,
the giving hurts less, there’s so much there,
so much left that i want you to see, i’ll take you
to every good and bad corner, to the east side,
and to the deeper side of things, i’ll show you
everything, i want you warm and happy,
i want you so deeply, so desperately,
i may already be bleeding a little but it’s ok,
i want you, i want you, i just want you,
and baby, that’s the only truth.


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