here, hear the bold

tear it all apart,
i’m a fast firing cylinder right to your chest
and i’m aiming for it all, i want to feel your heart,
and honey i didn’t say this was a bullet yet
but you’re reading it all wrong, i want to be let in,
open it all and tear it all apart and give me each
tiny piece possible, tell me you think the shadows
by the river look like two soldiers jumping out of here,
and ask me what i see, i said the grooves on the bridge
made me think of a castle, i didn’t say you looked like
a breath of peace or heaven to me yet, the door’s still locked
but i know i know you’re shooting out sparks too
like you can’t help it and it’s nothing we ever planned,
and i swear it gets too hot in here, and cold out there,
i shake from the chilled breeze of march wind
and you become a hotbox of arms for me,
it’s stupid, maddening passion that i never thought –
no i really didn’t think i’d find someone like you,
i like that i make you laugh, the rest of the world
becomes too much like a nighttime dream the next
morning, but surrealism at its fantastical silence,
i think we could be something intense and
maybe even the sunrise kind of beautiful,
the way you talk to me and i forget where
we were supposed to be going, it’s that
adventure i heard you mention, the wanderlust,
so really, i promise if you wear your past on
your skin i’ve been scarred by life in ways
i have yet to show but i only want you to
let me in, adventures have to first begin,
my spirit is curious about all this in common,
all this seduction, the way nothing’s ever
gone wrong yet, how we keep it careful is
the same as telling me we both don’t understand
as much as we wish to think we do, and even
if i feel like you were the one who steered at first,
i’m the one who rushed it forward, higher speed,
if it’s suddenly dangerous,
you know what you have to lose,
it’s always been that way, life clarifies
itself all the time, you are my instant connection,
my soul searching temptation, i love hearing
your stories, i just want to hear them
all the time, baby, i adore that laugh
it’s like i finally did something right;
i know it’s easier to have a predilection
to knowing what could break if handled wrong,
if it tilts to the left five degrees too quick
i worry it could all slip away too and
we would have to tuck the pieces under
our belts, our working to make ends meet,
the ugly red t-shirts, and no one wants that,
not even the arrows struck down to be cruel,
love can never be, natural, like lightning, fuck,
don’t you dare forget that storm we saw,
nothing happens everyday, it’s not what’s
there to blame, it’s what’s there to absolve,
it’s what makes it seem brutal that we might
have to work for this too, but i promise, if there’s
one thing i can make good on in the patience i tried for,
it’s that i love the way you make me feel,
the way i can try to make you feel too,
and i’m probably going to love you
and i think i could hit the mark, all this waiting
for the right position and the right words,
i think you hit the mark, i’m not even bleeding,
i’m just laughing along with you,
it’s like a great joke we keep hearing
that’s grateful to joy itself for life throwing it
my way, my waiting, myself,
i finally don’t feel so alone, i don’t consider
making this centric, i always take what
you give with a gratitude you’re unaware of,
and the respect you return used to be
unfathomable to the careless likes of me,
so i wouldn’t say destiny did this to me,
i’d say i knew it first but i had to give it a name,
i dreamt in my sleep last night and heard it,
i heard something roar, it was your name,
something that has always meant lion-hearted.
so now can’t you tell what i’m aiming for?


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