oh baby, it’s happening, isn’t it?
i guess it’s still feeling like fire when
your fingertips brush my back
when you slither by, i guess it’s
like those memories do return,
i guess it doesn’t fucking matter
cause we’re gonna make more of them.

you called me your girl three times
today and dropped the summer weather
in conversation multiple times, it’s so
subtle but it’s there, the clues, i like
the way i have to read between the
lines to figure it out for once that
you’re not going anywhere,
not anytime soon and oh baby,
you don’t even know i’ve never
had that, i don’t hope too much
because my mother told me it comes
with a pricey cost but she still
thinks now’s not the time to listen to her,
cause what other time is there for love?

and it’s cosmic too, i looked up the aries,
the name, i searched and searched for answers,
i found nothing concrete, only my imagination,
how you spark it alive again everyday, invigorating,
and how i made the bracelet, half-way finished
strings that were left lonely for months,
and then you showed up in my life, randomly,
i felt like creating, i felt life, i pined and twined them,
i thought it’d be left again to dust on my shelf,
but it’s hopeful, it’s right, and tonight i knew it’d be fine,
no big deal, but here’s a commitment made with
your two favorite colors, and did destiny do that too?
did i miss a comet flying over our heads
because i was too busy staring at you?

look, i’m still waiting for the rough, the work
i’m gonna give to compromise and trust,
but you’re making it so smooth and easy,
touching me so nice and real and nothing
else ever matters, i think i should read
this book to the end, no more half-ways,
half-there, half into it, half insane about it,
half in love with you, i think it’s full to the brim.
i think we should have a beer and laugh
and make out on a couch with the movie on,
i think i should meet your mom, your symbols
of respect and your heart and maybe i think
you should be here with me all the time.
so i’m in bliss, i’m good, honey, i like where it’s
headed and i’m comfortable, weightless,
when you wrap your arms around me i
get these warm chills i never could explain,
things i never reached before, never could
learn to love with time, and a lack of words,
never until you. it’s finally a shiver i can’t complain
about, something that makes me keep my mouth open,
shake my world some more, mark me up some way,
i really don’t mind, i already know it’s happening, isn’t it?


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