cave in

it’s like encores to a dream,
follow-ups unexpected, undemanding,
it’s like looking in a cave and
wondering how deep it really goes.
i’m blind to what a lie sounds like
from your lips, i’m covering my eyes
with my hands in hopes you’ll
pull them off yourself,
i don’t know which – if you have
to, i guess you could pull both,
my eyes, my hands, you could have
it all for free, my words, my heart,
i don’t know their value yet,
i don’t know who’s buying, baby,
have i mentioned a dream yet?
there’s a few; you haunt, you leave,
you come back again, it’s real,
it’s freeing, sure, i just didn’t
know i was in a cage, i just
thought you were the same way,
but now i can’t tell who wants
to run away more.
it’s like a cut that won’t bleed,
like melancholia forgot to cry,
my head hurts from confusion and cigarettes,
my heart from your silence,
your quiet i didn’t miss.


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