tomorrow has no question

i’m getting stoned in it,
a happiness haze,
a hazel highway to drive by with my headphones,
i like to keep it contained in my car,
let the smoke blind me to –
the rest of the world matters more and less,
every matter is broader and wiser,
you matter more than less,
your matter is taking up my brain with space,
let’s talk about space again,
you move and i watch,
we move and i forget,
when the space is gone,
so is my breath,
and i’m not falling, i’m tethered to earth,
i’m grounded and that’s that talk about gravitational waves,
it comes in waves like the hit comes in a blunt,
it comes in waves like we inch closer and closer
through time, let time takes its own times,
people do the same all the time,
people like to look and wonder just like you and i,
people can wonder about you and i, it matters less,
i’ve never felt so warm and important even when
nothing’s really different, it’s just having you there,
it’s the side by side, it’s the matches and how it’s
burning so kindly, it’s that slow fucking burn, baby,
how it stays so hot in my heart even when it’s further,
it’s how it’s taking courage to not let it explode too much,
i’m staying away from ‘love’ but i’m diving into it, i know you
don’t like the water but i’d be swimming to save you,
we’d have to leave the car first, let the smoke out,
and i don’t know why i had doubt come without a permit,
why i thought you were pulling away in the cold,
but it’s the fear, isn’t it? it’s my shaking shoulders
and your teeth grinding, it’s the way i don’t say enough sometimes,
or how you say a lot at once to avoid saying much at all,
i’ve never been wanted this way before, never good and thoughtful,
it’s the way you hesitate before you talk about the past,
it’s the way you reveal i’m beautiful or something kind,
no one wants to scare the other too much, we don’t
want to leave the adventure to go into a house of problems,
i suppose it matters so fucking much, doesn’t it?
so we can just both be idiots together, as long as it’s
together i’d want to go anywhere with you,
i guess it’ll take more courage to let it explode,
to let it break me and heal me in one breath,
i guess there are some laws made to be broken
like sense is made to be broken because it makes
no sense, i’m enamored to night and day because
of their natural beauty, then your eyes met mine and
i’m enamored by how naturally beautiful you really are,
i want to hold the flame gently and tend to it softly,
i want to speak a spirit’s rhyme and sing integrity,
i want to lift us both up without needing wings,
i want these good memories with you forever,
tell me how that’s not terrifying, baby, i’m losing control
of the strings on my heart, slipping from the water,
i don’t care if i replace a logical notion with something better,
if you’re more afraid than i am, if you don’t trust what’s there
and i don’t trust what isn’t, and if i don’t know, then i can’t explain,
and if i love you, then i can’t lie to you, and if you want me,
then you can take what you give to me, and if you miss me,
then i’ll come running to you, and if we’re promising this,
then it will either be honored and fulfilled, or dismissed and bruised,
and if it breaks someone’s heart, then it must have been good,
and if it suddenly matters now, then the later doesn’t really have to,
and if it doesn’t, then god, that’d be some kind of living, wouldn’t it?


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